Have A Sweeat Dream With A Cervical Pillow

Really Getting Some Anxiety Issues

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Cervical Pillow

How To Choose The Perfect Cervical Pillow

Cervical pillows are often also called contour pillows: they have a curved design that adapts to the shape of your head, neck and shoulder contour. Cervical pillows are used to relieve chronicle neck pain, stiff neck and sore shoulders. They can also help with headaches and migraines. They also help breathing therefore they can help you greatly to reduce or even stop snoring, sleep apnea symptoms and spondylosis.

Why Use A Cervical Pillow?

These contour pillows are specially designed to support the neck properly while sleeping. It’s essential to hold your head at the right angle when you are asleep, otherwise you can’t breathe properly which can lead to headaches and snoring. Although they are all beneficial, it does matter if you are sleeping on your side or on your back – you have to pick the appropriate product. We’ll get to this a bit later. Check out this short video where Dr. Mitch explains what cervical pillows are:

If you are looking for the perfect cervical pillow for you, then we’re guessing that you wouldn’t spare a few extra dollars on cheap fakes that don’t really help at all. In fact they can do more damage than they can help! So it’s very important to buy only pillows with memory foam which accommodates the compressing necessary to support your head properly.

Choosing The Perfect Cervical Pillow

As we’ve written it before you must know whether you are a side-sleeper or a back-sleeper. Go from here:

Cervical pillow for side sleepers:

You can buy specific side pillows, neck pillows or the so called cervical rolls – these kinds of products provide proper support in the space between the mattress and your neck, therefore your spine is straight – so you can breathe more easily. Traditional pillows can’t hold your body in this kind of position.

Cervical pillow for back sleepers:

You can buy neck pillows, comfort pillows or the so called cradle pillows. These kinds of products are usually thinner so you can fit them easily between your head and the mattress. The purpose of these pillows is the same: to keep your spine as straight as possible for ergonomic sleeping.

Because the contour pillows come in very different sizes, it’s worth the time to look around and choose the best for you. As we’ve written, the main point is that you have to know what position are you sleeping in and you can go from there. Select the appropriate size that fits not only your body and neck but also your bed! Don’t buy too big or too small as these can result in crooked alignments which is also bad for your health.

Choose carefully and a good night’s sleep is guaranteed.